Multi Vendor Ecommerce Platforms In Bangalore

A good Multi Vendor Ecommerce Platforms is quite a relative term that will depend from user to user. Still the one which will be appreciated by both the customers and the merchant would be having features like ease of use, is flexible enough to incorporate future needs or to change according to the need of time, is dynamic in nature and ease of maintenance.

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Essential features of Multi Vendor Marketplaces

  • Admin can set global commission for all the sellers & can also set separate commission for individual seller.
  • Admin can add new sellers through CSV file
  • Admin can assign existing product to the seller
  • Admin can choose the shop type.
  • Admin can set category wise commission.
  • Admin can easily send reminder to seller for unfulfilled orders.
  • Admin can allow/disallow seller to have tax on their products
  • Admin and seller, both can upload products and its variants through CSV file
  • Admin can also have category commission.
  • An extremely amazing feature of Multivendor marketplace is “Reminder Feature” to remind the vendor for order fulfillment. In this, once the order is placed by the customer, the Admin can send reminder to the vendor for order fulfillment & an automatic mail will be sent to the vendor.
  • Admin to seller invoice and seller to customer invoice is also available.
  • Seller can have their own ‘Profile Page’ on the store
  • Customer can rate the Seller from the Seller Profile Page.
  • Customer can even add the Seller as a Favorite Seller and will receive notification about the Sellers Product Edits.
  • No security or access right issue, as only admin can login from backend.
  • App is Multi-lingual Support
  • Admin can change the layout of the Seller Profile Page.
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